Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day Six... Being A woman

On day six I am thankful for being a woman.. Sometimes it can be hard. With the emotional ups and downs and pregnancy's, its not always high heels and pink lipstick. LOL. But overall I am PROUD to be a woman and I am surrounded by a ton of Amazing women, especially my MOM! She is incredible, giving, forgiving, talented and fun! She was always helping us with our school projects, slaved over home cooked meals for us and cleaned up after us. She was a stay at home MOM most my life and worked hard at it. She always did her ART on the side and taught us to be creative. She did really cute things and crafts for us on almost every holiday. I love you MOM and strive to be the kind of Woman you are proud of.

Five generations of AMAZING women!

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