Friday, August 31, 2012

Kickin It With The.. "Ivy League".

Andy has joined a kick ball team!!! You can call them, "Ivy League" LOL.. Last night was his first game and they did pretty good. Andy kicked a home run! The final score was 8 to 10. Even though they did not win, it was still so much fun! The kids got to run around and play in the dirt. I think they really enjoyed seeing there Dad out there under the lights. 
 Thing one and thing two.. LOL

 Look! It's me and the baby from "The Labyrinth"!
 Andy stretching it out.
 That's Andy in mid kick..
 Andy thinking good and hard about his next move!
 Family pic in the dug out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Just Me And You Kid... (and the baby)

 In light of Ella going back to school I thought I would take Rowan on a little outing. He doesn't start Pre School until next week so we might as well end the summer with a bang. Not to mention, I wanted to get a taste of what things were going to be like with out my little Ella to help me out. (It was rough) LOL! We went to the Dinosaur Museum, had lunch and then afterwards enjoyed some Ice cream. We had a good time together but after all was said and done I was pooped. I can't believe how much I rely on Ella's help.

 Rowan's two favorite things, sand and water!

First Time For Everything.

Ella had her first day of 1st grade! And, it was her first day at Hunter Elementary. Ella is a shining star I tell you what! She amazes me daily. She has grown to be such a smart, beautiful and talented little thing. I was so emotional dropping her off. For some reason I was affected more this year than last. I think it was a combination of her first day being gone ALL day and watching her lock her bike up like she was 10! Last year she attended Diamond Ridge Elementary. We loved the school, it was new, well organized and offered a french immersion program. But all of her friends were at Hunter Elementary and I felt like I was depriving her of having the kind of experience that makes elementary school so memorable. Not to mention it was so much farther away, she was never able to walk or ride her bike there. I think that is what made this year so special. I know we made the right decision enrolling her at Hunter. Her smiling face says it all!

 Ella waiving at her BFF!
 Ella hugging her BFF. 

Look at her locking her bike up like a pro. LOVE HER!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Reunion.. Southern Style!

This weekend we celebrated our Cowdell family reunion. Every year in August we have a family camp out and usually have a theme. Each family trades off being in charge and this year it was our family so we decided to go with a New Orleans (Mardi gras) theme. My mom had lived down south, near Mississippi and Louisiana, for the past five years and just moved back this summer. So, what better way to celebrate then southern style. My Mom slaved away in the kitchen, cooking up fried green tomatoes, fried cat fish, hush puppies, corn bread and jambalaya. For dessert she made a king cake and benyas. It was amazing! It is always fun and interesting to try new foods and learn about new cultures. 

Yes, those are ALL fryers! I think we had a total of six? LOL 
 This is the king cake. It is to die for. It's a French tradition. You are actually suppose to hide a baby in it and whoever finds the baby or gets the piece with the baby, becomes KING for the day. I am not quite sure what the baby represents. LOL

 We do a raffle at the end of the party and the big prize that everyone wants is usually a blanket or quilt my grandmother has made. I wanted it soooooo bad. My mom ended up winning it!!! I was so happy for her because she really deserved it. She had worked so hard on this party.

 Thanks to pinterest we came up with this cute idea for cups! They were a hit. PLUS, we didn't have to go through a million paper or plastic cups. Everyone got their own with their name on it. 

 We were obsessed with this mask. LOL. Can you tell?
 For breakfast we had corn beef and hash, southern style grits and purple and green pancakes. YUM!
 All I can remember is that it was FUNNY! LOL
 Baby Gwen rockin her Mardi gras head band.
The kids had a blast decorating their masks and getting their faces painted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane.

Today I literally took a walk down memory lane! About 4 years ago before Andy and I bought our first home We rented a beautiful home from Andy's brother in Lehi. He really helped us out while Andy was trying to finish up his nursing program at Westminster. At the time we just had Ella and things were really tight. It was hard because we were renting this nice home in a very nice neighborhood. Yet, we were broke and trying to keep up with the Jones's so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I loved the house and was grateful for it. It was just a weird time in our life. While I was walking down the Jordan River Park Way with my BFF Cicily. I was thinking about how much I have grown up. I thought back then, that having a fancy car, beautiful home, nice clothes and cool stuff was the way to my heart and to my happiness. I now live in a modest, much older home in West Valley. My neighborhood isn't the greatest but its the relationships I have made and the spirituality I have found in this "home" that have made me happy. You see, its all smoke and mirrors. The materialistic stuff is a quick fix. I have found that true happiness is reached through your heart and spirit. I don't need all the fancy stuff to be happy. All though, I do miss the smell of a new home. LOL

 This is the Jordan River Park way behind the house its near the Thanksgiving Point Golf course. It's So Pretty!

This is my BUDDY Cicily! I love her. She lives near me on the West Side. One street away to be exact. She is another reason why I am so grateful for where I call home.