Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's A Desert Paradise...

This past weekend Andy and I took the family down south for a little R & R in the desert. We had a wedding to attend in Zion park and thought we would make a vacation out of it. It was a fabulous vaca to say the least. We went swimming, rock climbing, hiking, did a little casino diving and of course ate! I loved every minute of it. It is like a second home for me. This time of year is really nice because it's not to hot. My brother lives in St. George so I get to hang out with my other half. My Aunt Jill has lived there practically my whole life. She offered to take the kids a couple nights, so it was really great to get a break from the kiddo's and do some adult stuff. Again, it was a good time.


Yes, that is my Brother wearing a belt to hold his swimsuit up. LOL

This candy store is a childhood favorite of mine. My Gramdpa use to take us here all the time, so when we come down we HAVE to go to JUDDS candy store. They have all the old school candy.

We found this WAY cool spot to do some rock climbing. It's called the Black Mountain. SOOOO FUN!

I met up with an old buddy of mine I went to school with. I hadn't seen him in years. Turns out Cara, Andy's friend who came down with us knew Eric too. Small world. To top it off. Eric's girl friend grew up two blocks from where Andy grew up, and they went to the same high school?? Small world... to say the least!!!!!!

Ella killed it on the Mountain! She is seriously a natural. I didn't realize how high she had gone, until I climbed the same spot! WOW!

This was the venue the wedding was held at. It was so beautiful.

These were little party favor's at the wedding. I thought they were super cute.
The next Louie? LOL

This looks like a rock but it is actually soap. It smells amazing. I just HAD to get one.

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