Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quality Time.. Is a Friend Of Mine.

 Andy has been studying like crazy this week for the CCRN test and this weekend was no exception. In order to keep the kids preoccupied and out of Daddy's hair, we got SUPER creative. Here are a few fun things we did on this awesome "Fall" weekend.

We have a couple of apple tree's.. So we have LOADS of apples. We decided to pick a bunch and make apple crisp. The funny thing is, is I for got to take a picture of the actual apple crisp. So here is what I did take a picture of. LOL

Ella made her first wreath!!! I asked her what kind of craft she wanted to make and she suggested a wreath. We got a clothes hanger and bent it into a circle the best we could. We had some old tulle lying around that we cut into strips and tied onto the hanger. She actually did most of the work. I just helped cut the strips.

While Ella was making her wreath, Rowan was painting me pictures of super hero's. LOL

These are his super hero's! Future Picasso right here. He insisted on putting Mr. Potato head in the picture.

Here is the final product. She REALLY did an amazing job. I am so proud of my little artist.

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