Saturday, September 22, 2012

NY, NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! This IS the most amazing city EVER!!!!!!!!! Words can not even describe how much I LOVE this city. We went to NYC for like four days, and it was AN INCREDIBLE FOUR DAYS TO SAY THE LEAST. Andy and I have not taken a vacation with out our kids... Well.. EVER!! We stayed in the heart of Manhattan right next to Central park and 5th Ave. While we were there I did the Anderson Cooper show and got to feel like a celebrity for an hour. We rode in a white stretch limo, met Howie Mendel, Anderson Cooper and the list goes on and on... When I say this was a trip of a lifetime I am not even kidding! 

 This was the roof top of our hotel! 

Time Square AT NIGHT!

We rode the SUBWAY every where! 

 We got to CBS studios at 7:00am. They had me all set up in my own room.
 Hair and makeup!
 Say what? Say What?
 Time Square during the day.

 THE Empire State Building!!!!!!11

 The top of the Empire State Building. This is where you can really get a good perspective of how big this city is!! It is absolutely breath taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 I LOVE street food! I am a huge foodie, so I ate as much street food as I possibly could. LOL I think Andy got sick of stopping for falaffle.

 That little tiny thing out there is the Statue of Liberty. We missed the last ferry going out by like 20 min.
 Yes, another street food vendor. This was Andy's favorite. It was right next to Central Park. They served THE most amazing Waffles I have ever had. Seriously, this is my idea of "breakfast of champions". I could have eaten this every morning.

 Central Park!! This place is so magical! I had no idea how big it is. It would take way to long to walk the whole thing, so we took a peddi-cab. Our driver was the funniest little man. He had only lived in this country for like 6 months, yet knew a ton about pop culture and NYC!

 Go Yankees!

 This was one of the many fountains in the park.. I love fountains.

 This particular fountain is where they filmed the beginning of friends... You know, where they are all playing in the fountain? This is THAT fountain.. OK, maybe I am a little excited by that. LOL!

 We were pretending to be in a romantic picture/movie. I think we pulled it off.. No?

 The building behind Andy's head is where they filmed Ghost Busters! I ain't afraid of no ghost... 

 This bridge is in a ton of movies.

 This is a memorial called "Strawberry Fields" dedicated to John Lennon.

 This is John Lennon's Home where he was assassinated.

 The Natural History Museum.

 Dumb, Dumb From Night at the museum!

 China Town
 Little Italy

 Ground Zero
 These are dedicated to those who passed during the 911 attacks.

 This is the new Freedom Tower! They are almost finished. IT IS HUGE!

 Frog Legs from a cute little Pho restaurant in China Town. 

 Andy and I eating a cupcake from the famous "crumbs bakery" in the middle of time square.
 5th Avenue!!!!!!

 I have been watching "The apprentice" for ever. So this was so cool to see in real life. TRUMP TOWERS!

Andy and I having Breakfast in TRUMPS building! This place is so beautiful. It's covered in marble and Gold!

 This is the church filmed in Sex and The City where she almost marries BIG!
 Rockefeller Center

 The Window displays on 5th Avenue are sooooooo amazing.

 F.A.O Schwartz! This pic is so funny. I was taking a picture of the building as Andy hi fives the door man on the way in. I can not believe I captured such a magical moment. LOL

 LOOK... It's the BIG piano! From BIG!!!

 Andy slid across the whole thing face first. I am surprised we didn't get kicked out. Actually, come to think about it. We almost did. Never a dull moment with Andy. LOL
 New York Cities Finest!! NYCFD!
 This was the chandelier hanging in in the lobby of our Hotel Room. I loved it!
It's so hard to say goodbye. Not to hard when your doing it in style. They got us a stretch LIMO for the ride home. Again, this was a trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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