Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last night I was going through Ella's school bag and noticed that she had gotten a 100% on her spelling test! This isn't the first one either... AND she sold enough cookie dough to win a Limo lunch to classic skating! She was ecstatic! Again, I was so proud! I started thinking about her and all of her achievements and thought, you know what? I need to blog about this. I am not trying to brag... Well I kind of am.. LOL but she really is an awesome kid! She is always helping me out around the house. She keeps her room clean and tidy. She actually reminds ME that she has homework, and does a weeks worth in one day. She loves to learn and is excellent at math. Ella is kind and generous. All she wants is for everyone to be happy. She would give her last treat, snack or just about anything to someone who didn't have any. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful spirit in our lives.                      

 She got to dress up in a Halloween costume for dance and chose to be an angel.. (the costume had to be something she could dance in) I thought it was so fitting because she IS my little angel. I seriously LOVE this little girl so much. Sometimes I feel like I put to much pressure on her because she is the oldest, and I don't always show her how amazing she is but she is truly one of a kind. Ella, I love you!

 This is Ella's costume for her up coming dance recital at the Christmas show.
 100% baby!!!!

 Ella holding her brand new baby sister in the hospital. I am so happy that she has a sister to share her life with.

 This was Ella's very first trophy she won for dance.

 My little kitty!

 Off to school! I cant believe she is already in first grade... CRAZY!


 Ella did cheer for two years but we decided to concentrate more on competition dance.
Ella drew this picture in primary. It's a picture of her family! MELT MY HEART!

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