Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane.

Today I literally took a walk down memory lane! About 4 years ago before Andy and I bought our first home We rented a beautiful home from Andy's brother in Lehi. He really helped us out while Andy was trying to finish up his nursing program at Westminster. At the time we just had Ella and things were really tight. It was hard because we were renting this nice home in a very nice neighborhood. Yet, we were broke and trying to keep up with the Jones's so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I loved the house and was grateful for it. It was just a weird time in our life. While I was walking down the Jordan River Park Way with my BFF Cicily. I was thinking about how much I have grown up. I thought back then, that having a fancy car, beautiful home, nice clothes and cool stuff was the way to my heart and to my happiness. I now live in a modest, much older home in West Valley. My neighborhood isn't the greatest but its the relationships I have made and the spirituality I have found in this "home" that have made me happy. You see, its all smoke and mirrors. The materialistic stuff is a quick fix. I have found that true happiness is reached through your heart and spirit. I don't need all the fancy stuff to be happy. All though, I do miss the smell of a new home. LOL

 This is the Jordan River Park way behind the house its near the Thanksgiving Point Golf course. It's So Pretty!

This is my BUDDY Cicily! I love her. She lives near me on the West Side. One street away to be exact. She is another reason why I am so grateful for where I call home. 

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  1. Crazy. We walked on the Jordan river this afternoon too. But in West Jordan. I know what you mean. Everytime I go to Seattle I look back at our old house, nice cars, and boat. I loved it. It makes me miss my friends and family and just being comfortable. But we are happy here, with a modest life and better goals. (And naturally more kids in half the house.) Hehe. So is life.